Expertise Term: Cholesterol/dietary
Fazio, SergioOregon Health and Sciences UniversityEditorial Board Member
Name: Fazio, Sergio
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Oregon Health and Sciences University
Department: Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: Apolipoproteins, Atherosclerosis, Bile acids and salts, Cholesterol, Cholesterol Ester Storage disease, Cholesterol/dietary, Cholesterol/Efflux, Cytokines, Drug therapy/Hypolipidemic drugs, Dyslipidemias, Fatty acid/Binding protein, HDL, LCAT, Lipase, Lipid transfer proteins, Lipoproteins, Macrophages / monocytes, Obesity, Oxysterols, Phospholipids/Trafficking, Phytosterols, Receptors, Receptors/Lipoprotein, Statins, Triglycerides, Vascular biology