Expertise Term: Phospholipases/C
Dennis, EdwardUniversity of California, San DiegoEditor-in-Chief
Name: Dennis, Edward
Role: Editor-in-Chief
Institution: University of California, San Diego
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry / Pharmacology
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: Arachidonic acid, Cell signaling, Cells and tissues, Cells And Tissues/Macrophages, Cyclooxygenase, Eicosanoids, Macrophages / monocytes, Mass spectrometry, Micelles, PAF acetyl hydrolase, Phospholipases, Phospholipases/A2, Phospholipases/C, Phospholipases/D, Pulmonary surfactant, Signal transduction
Wakelam, MichaelBabraham InstituteAssociate Editor
Name: Wakelam, Michael
Role: Associate Editor
Institution: Babraham Institute
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: Cancer, Cell signaling, DGAT, Diacylglycerol, Lipid droplets, Lipid Kinases, Lipidomics, Lysophospholipid, Mass spectrometry, Phosphoinositides, Phospholipases, Phospholipases/A2, Phospholipases/C, Phospholipases/D, Phospholipids/Phosphatidic acid, Phospholipids/Phosphatidylinositol, Signal transduction, Sphingosine Phosphate