Expertise Term: Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
Erickson, SandraUniversity of California, San FranciscoAssociate Editor
Name: Erickson, Sandra
Role: Associate Editor
Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Department: Department of Medicine
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: ACAT, Apolipoproteins, Atherosclerosis, Beta-oxidation, Bile, Bile Acids And Salts, Bile acids and salts/Biosynthesis, Bile Acids And Salts/Metabolism, Cell signaling, Cholesterol, Cholesterol 7-alpha hydroxylase, Cholesterol/Absorption, Cholesterol/Biosynthesis, Cholesterol/Cell and tissue, Cholesterol/Dietary, Cholesterol/Efflux, Cholesterol/Metabolism, Cholesterol/Trafficking, Cytochrome P450, DGAT, Diacylglycerol, Diet And Dietary Lipids, Diseases/Dyslipidemias, Enzymology/Enzyme Regulation, Estrogen, Eye, Fatty acid, Fatty acid/Metabolism, Gallstones, Gene expression, Genetics, Glucose, HDL/Metabolism, Hormones, Inflammation, insulin resistance, Intestine, Lactation, LDL/Metabolism, Lipid Transfer Proteins, Lipids, Lipids/Oxidation, Lipoproteins, Lipoproteins/Metabolism, Liver, liver fibrosis, Lung, Mammary Gland, Mitochondria, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Nuclear receptors, Nuclear receptors/Lipid ligands, Nutrition, Obesity, Oxidized lipids, Oxysterols, Phospholipids, Phospholipids/Transfer proteins, Pregnancy, Receptors, Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, Statins, Steatohepatitis, Steroid hormones, Sterol Carrier Protein, Sterols, Toxicology, Triglycerides
Fliesler, StevenVA Western New York Healthcare SystemEditorial Board Member
Name: Fliesler, Steven
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: VA Western New York Healthcare System
Department: Research Service
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: Alzheimer├Ás Disease, Antioxidants, Apoptosis, Bone marrow, Brain Lipids, Caveolae, Cholesterol, Cholesterol Ester Storage Disease, Diet And Dietary Lipids, Dyslipidemias, Electron microscopy, Endoplasmic reticulum, Eye, Farnesylation, Fluorescence microscopy, Hplc, Hydroxysterols, Inborn errors of metabolism, Isoprenoids, Lipid rafts, Lipids, Lipids/Oxidation, Lipids/Peroxidation, Lipodystrophies, Membranes, Membranes/Fluidity, Membranes/Fusion, Membranes/Model, Membranesphysical Chemistry, Microscopy/Electron, Microscopy/Fluorescence, Oxidized lipids, Oxysterols, Prenylation, Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, Sterol Carrier Protein, Sterols, Zellweger Syndrome