Expertise Term: small GTPase
Boggon, TitusYale University School of MedicineEditorial Board Member
Name: Boggon, Titus
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Yale University School of Medicine
Subject Categories: Molecular Bases of Disease, Molecular Biophysics, Protein Structure and Folding, Signal Transduction
Expertise Terms: cerebral cavernous malformation, crystal structure, crystallography, enzyme structure, KRIT1 (Krev Interaction Trapped), post-translational modification (PTM), protein crystallization, protein kinase, protein structure, serine/threonine protein kinase, serine/threonine-protein kinase PAK 6 (PAK6), Signal Transduction, small GTPase, small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), structural biology, structure-function
Buck, MatthiasCase Western Reserve Univ. Medical SchoolEditorial Board Member
Name: Buck, Matthias
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Case Western Reserve Univ. Medical School
Department: Physiology and Biophysics
Subject Categories: Computational Biology, Protein Structure and Folding, Signal Transduction
Expertise Terms: allosteric regulation, cell migration, cell surface receptor, circular dichroism (CD), computer modeling, Eph receptor, fluorescence, isothermal titration calorimetry, membrane protein, molecular docking, molecular dynamics, molecular modeling, Neuropilin, Nuclear magnetic resonance, phosphotyrosine signaling, plexin, protein complex, protein conformation, protein-protein interaction, Ras GTPases, Rho GTPases, Signal Transduction, small GTPase, X-ray crystallography
Keyse, StephenUniversity of DundeeEditorial Board Member
Name: Keyse, Stephen
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of Dundee
Department: Division of Cancer Research
Subject Categories: Cell Biology, Signal Transduction
Expertise Terms: c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK), cancer, cancer biology, cellular senescence, dual-specificity kinase, dual-specificity phosphoprotein phosphatase, extracellular-signal-regulated kinase (ERK), GTPase Kras (KRAS), lung cancer, MAP kinase phosphatases, MAP kinase signalling, melanoma, mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK), molecular cell biology, p38 MAPK, pancreatic cancer, protein phosphatase, Protein Phosphatases, protein phosphorylation, Raf kinase, receptor tyrosine kinase, redox signaling, serine/threonine protein kinase, Signal Transduction, small GTPase, stress response, tumor suppressor gene, tyrosine-protein kinase (tyrosine kinase), tyrosine-protein phosphatase (tyrosine phosphatase)
Vitale, NicolasCNRSEditorial Board Member
Name: Vitale, Nicolas
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: CNRS
Department: INCI
Subject Categories: Cell Biology, Lipids, Membrane Biology
Expertise Terms: adrenal, annexin, bacterial toxin, calcium-binding protein, catecholamine, cytoskeleton, diacylglycerol, diacylglycerol kinase (DGK, DAGK), endocytosis, endosome, exocytosis, exosome (vesicle), extracellular vesicles, fatty acid, G protein, G PROTEINS/Low Moleclar Weight, GENE/Specific Genes, GTPase activating protein (GAP), guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF), heterotrimeric G protein, inositol phospholipid, INTRACELLULAR SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION/Phospholipase D, intracellular trafficking, lipid droplet, lipid raft, lipid trafficking, lipid-protein interaction, LIPID/Phospholipid/Inositol Phospholipid, LIPID/Phospholipid/Phosphatidic Acid, low molecular weight G-protein, macrophage, membrane fusion, membrane lipid, membrane trafficking, mTOR complex (mTORC), phosphatidic acid, phosphatidylinositol, Phospholipase D, phospholipid vesicle, RECEPTOR/Endocytosis, RECEPTOR/Recycling, RSK, small GTPase, SNARE proteins, synapse, synaptotagmin, trafficking, vacuolar ATPase
Wedegaertner, PhilipThomas Jefferson UnivEditorial Board Member
Name: Wedegaertner, Philip
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Thomas Jefferson Univ
Department: Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Subject Categories: Cell Biology, Membrane Biology, Signal Transduction
Expertise Terms: G protein, G protein-coupled receptor kinase (GRK), GTPase, guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF), heterotrimeric G protein, lipid-protein interaction, membrane trafficking, protein acylation, protein isoprenylation, protein myristoylation, protein palmitoylation, Ras homolog gene family, member A (RhoA), regulator of G protein signaling (RGS), Rho (Rho GTPase), Signal Transduction, small GTPase