Expertise Term: Schwann cells
Sherman, LarryOregon National Primate Research CenterEditorial Board Member
Name: Sherman, Larry
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Oregon National Primate Research Center
Subject Categories: Glycobiology and Extracellular Matrices, Neurobiology
Expertise Terms: Alzheimer disease, astrocyte, brain, CD44, glial cell, glycosaminoglycan, hyaluronan, hyaluronate, hyaluronidase, multiple sclerosis, myelin, neural stem cell (NSC), Neurobiology, neurodegeneration, neurodegenerative disease, neurodevelopment, neurodifferentiation, neurofibromatosis, neurogenesis, neuroinflammation, neurological disease, neuroprogenitor cell, oligodendrocyte, Schwann cells, schwannomatosis
Yurchenco, PeterRutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical SchoolEditorial Board Member
Name: Yurchenco, Peter
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Department: Dept of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Subject Categories: Glycobiology and Extracellular Matrices
Expertise Terms: adhesion, basal lamina, basement membrane, cell adhesion, collagen, connective tissue, extracellular matrix, extracellular matrix protein, fibronectin, heparan sulfate, kidney, laminin, muscular dystrophy, nidogen, non-neural agrin, perlecan, protein self-assembly, Schwann cells, type IV collagen