Expertise Term: Candida albicans
Gaffen, SarahUniversity of Pittsburgh, Dept. of MedicineEditorial Board Member
Name: Gaffen, Sarah
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Medicine
Department: Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology
Subject Categories: Immunology
Expertise Terms: Candida albicans, CCAAT-enhancer-binding protein (C/EBP), cellular immune response, cytokine, cytokine action, cytokine induction, Fungi, Immunology, interleukin, mucosal immunology, receptor regulation, receptor structure-function, T helper cells, T-cell, T-cell receptor (TCR)
Parra, KarlettUniversity of New MexicoEditorial Board Member
Name: Parra, Karlett
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of New Mexico
Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Subject Categories: Bioenergetics, Membrane Biology
Expertise Terms: ATP synthase, ATPase, Candida albicans, enzyme mutation, F1FO-ATPase, glycolysis, H+-ATPase, molecular motor, mutagenesis, pH regulation, phosphofructokinase, protein purification, proton pump, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, V1VoATPase, vacuolar ATPase, vacuolar pH homeostasis
Patton-Vogt, JanaDuquesne UniversityEditorial Board Member
Name: Patton-Vogt, Jana
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Duquesne University
Department: Department of Biological Sciences
Subject Categories: Lipids, Membrane Biology
Expertise Terms: acylation, Candida albicans, glycerophosphocholine, glycerophosphodiester, glycerophosphoinositol, lipid metabolism, lipid remodelling, membrane biogenesis, membrane function, membrane lipid, membrane recycling, membrane transport, membrane turnover, phospholipase, phospholipid metabolism, phospholipid turnover, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, yeast, yeast genetics, yeast metabolism