Expertise Term: multifunctional protein
Becker, DonaldUniversity of NebraskaEditorial Board Member
Name: Becker, Donald
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of Nebraska
Department: Biochemistry
Subject Categories: Bioenergetics, Enzymology, Gene Regulation
Expertise Terms: dehydrogenase, DNA binding protein, DNA-protein interaction, electron transfer, electron transport, enzyme mechanism, fatty acid oxidation, flavin, flavoprotein, hydroxyproline, membrane enzyme, multifunctional enzyme, multifunctional protein, oxidation-reduction (redox), oxidative stress, riboflavin, surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
Hiltunen, J KalervoUniversity of OuluEditorial Board Member
Name: Hiltunen, J Kalervo
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of Oulu
Department: Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicin
Subject Categories: Enzymology, Lipids, Metabolism
Expertise Terms: acyl carrier protein, adipose tissue metabolism, beta-oxidation, carbonyl reductase 4, coenzyme A (CoA), cytosolic-peroxisomal traffic, enzyme purification, fatty acid, fatty acid metabolism, fatty acid oxidation, fatty acids mitochondria, gluconeogenesis, HSDB10, HSDB8, lipoic acid, metabolic regulation, mitochondrial aconitase, mitochondrial DNA, mitochondrial metabolism, mitochondrial respiration, mitochondrial RNA processing, multifunctional protein, peroxisome, protein purification, yeast
Walling, LindaUniversity of California, RiversideEditorial Board Member
Name: Walling, Linda
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of California, Riverside
Department: Botany and Plant Sciences
Subject Categories: Plant Biology, Protein Synthesis and Degradation
Expertise Terms: abscisic acid (ABA), aminopeptidase, Arabidopsis, cell signaling, chaperone, defense signaling, gene expression, gene knockout, gene regulation, gene transcription, genomics, host-pathogen interaction, insect, leucine aminopeptidase, lipoxygenase pathway, metalloprotease, molecular genetics, multifunctional protein, peptidase, plant defense, plant hormone, plant molecular biology, plant wounding, plant-insect interactions, protein degradation, retrograde signaling, Signal Transduction