Expertise Term: electron tomography
Orlova, ElenaBirkbeck College, LondonEditorial Board Member
Name: Orlova, Elena
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Birkbeck College, London
Department: Biological Sciences
Subject Categories: Computational Biology, Molecular Biophysics, Protein Structure and Folding
Expertise Terms: bacteriophage, Cryo elecron microscopy, E1 helicase, electron microscopy (EM), electron tomography, herpesvirus, Image processing, Molecular Biology, p53, protein conformation, protein structure, ribosome function, ribosome structure, single particle analysis, structural biology, Structure of bacteriopahges, Structure of calcium or potassium channels, Structure of ribosomes, tertiary structure, type III secretion system (T3SS), type IV pili, virus assembly, virus structure
Reggiori, FulvioUniversity Medical Center GroningenEditorial Board Member
Name: Reggiori, Fulvio
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University Medical Center Groningen
Department: Department of Biomedical Sciences of Cells and System, Section Molecular Cell Biology
Subject Categories: Cell Biology, Membrane Biology
Expertise Terms: autophagy, autophagy-related protein 7 (ATG7), Beclin-1 (BECN1), Cell Biology, electron microscopy (EM), electron tomography, endocytosis, endosome, exocytosis, inositol phospholipid, lysosome, membrane biogenesis, membrane trafficking, membrane transport, phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylinositol phosphatase, trafficking, vacuole, yeast, yeast two-hybrid
Waxham, M NealMcGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center HoustonEditorial Board Member
Name: Waxham, M Neal
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center Houston
Department: Neurobiology and Anatomy
Subject Categories: Molecular Biophysics, Neurobiology, Signal Transduction
Expertise Terms: Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase (CaMK), calcium-binding protein, calmodulin (CaM), calorimetry, cell signaling, central nervous system (CNS), cryo-electron microscopy, electron tomography, enzyme structure, fluorescence, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), intrinsically disordered protein, isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), kinetics, neuron, synapse, synaptic plasticity, synaptosome