Expertise Term: PARP
Chen, YabingUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamEditorial Board Member
Name: Chen, Yabing
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Department: Pathology
Subject Categories: Cell Biology, Gene Regulation, Molecular Bases of Disease
Expertise Terms: Akt PKB, atherosclerosis, calcification, calcium, cardiovascular disease, death domain, drug resistance, oxidative stress, PARP, RANKL, Runx2, smooth muscle, vascular, vascular biology, vascular smooth muscle cells
Tsuge, HideakiKyoto Sangyo UniversityEditorial Board Member
Name: Tsuge, Hideaki
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Kyoto Sangyo University
Department: Faculty of Life Sciences
Subject Categories: Enzymology, Protein Structure and Folding, Signal Transduction
Expertise Terms: actin, ADP-ribosylation, ADP-ribosyltransferase, bacteria translocon, bacterial toxin, cryo-electron microscopy, crystal structure, DNA damage response, NAD biosynthesis, nicotinamide, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), PARP, PB2, poly (ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase, post-translational modification (PTM), protease, protein translocation, protein-protein interaction, Rho (Rho GTPase), toxin, viral polymerase, X-ray crystallography