Expertise Term: dendritic cell
Best, SonjaRocky Mountain LaboratoriesEditorial Board Member
Name: Best, Sonja
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Rocky Mountain Laboratories
Subject Categories: Cell Biology, Microbiology, Signal Transduction
Expertise Terms: Cell Biology, cell signaling, cellular immune response, dendritic cell, E3 ubiquitin ligase, Ebola virus, flavivirus, fluorescence, innate immunity, Interferon, RNA virus, RNA viruses, Signal Transduction, viral immunology, viral protein, virology, virulence factor
Cobb, BrianCase Western Reserve University School of MedicineEditorial Board Member
Name: Cobb, Brian
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Department: Pathology
Subject Categories: Glycobiology and Extracellular Matrices, Immunology
Expertise Terms: carbohydrate, carbohydrate function, carbohydrate-binding protein, cell surface, cellular immune response, cytokine induction, dendritic cell, fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), glycoprotein, glycosylation, glycosylation inhibitor, Immunology, inflammation, lymphocyte, macrophage, major histocompatibility complex (MHC), nitric oxide, pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP), polysaccharide, protein purification, protein-protein interaction, reactive oxygen species (ROS), T-cell receptor (TCR), toll-like receptor (TLR)
Denzin, LisaRobert Wood Johnson Medical SchoolEditorial Board Member
Name: Denzin, Lisa
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Department: CHINJ/Pediatrics
Subject Categories: Immunology, Membrane Biology
Expertise Terms: antibody, Antibody responses, antigen, antigen presentation, antigen processing, autoimmune disease, autoimmunity, B cells, dendritic cell, HLA-DM, HLA-DO, intracellular trafficking, Invariant Chain, membrane trafficking, MHC class I, MHC class II, Neutralizing antibody response, Non-classical Class I and Class II MHC molecules, peptides, protein targeting, T helper cells, T-cell biology, Type 1 diabetes, viral immunology
Kuchler, KarlMedical University of ViennaEditorial Board Member
Name: Kuchler, Karl
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Medical University of Vienna
Department: Center for Medical Biochemistry
Subject Categories: Immunology, Membrane Biology, Signal Transduction
Expertise Terms: ABC transporter, ABC transporter mechanisms, ABCG family, Candida spp pathogens, cell signaling, cell wall, cellular immune response, chromatin modification, dendritic cell, drug resistance, Fungal pathogenesis, Fungi, HDACs/HATs, histone deacetylase (HDAC), Host immune response, Immune signaling, infectious disease, inflammasome, inflammation, innate immunity, macrophage, MAP kinase signaling, Membrane Biology, microbial pathogenesis, mucosal immunology, multidrug transporter, pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP), phagocytosis, reactive oxygen species (ROS), systems biology, T cell response, toll-like receptor (TLR), Transcription, virulence factor, yeast genetics
Powis, SimonUniversity of St AndrewsEditorial Board Member
Name: Powis, Simon
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of St Andrews
Subject Categories: Immunology
Expertise Terms: ABC transporter, antigen presentation, antigen processing, cell-penetrating peptide (CPP), chaperone, dendritic cell, endoplasmic reticulum stress (ER stress), endoplasmic-reticulum-associated protein degradation (ERAD), ER quality control, ER-associated degradation, exosome (vesicle), extracellular vesicles, Immunology, major histocompatibility complex (MHC), natural killer cells (NK cells), protein disulfide isomerase, protein misfolding
Stoorvogel, WillemUniversity UtrechtEditorial Board Member
Name: Stoorvogel, Willem
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University Utrecht
Subject Categories: Cell Biology
Expertise Terms: antigen presentation, antigen processing, dendritic cell, electron microscopy (EM), endocytosis, endosome, exosome (vesicle), extracellular vesicles, flow cytometry, major histocompatibility complex (MHC), membrane transport, microRNA (miRNA), prostasomes, protein sorting, ubiquitylation (ubiquitination), vesicles
Zenke, MartinRWTH Aachen UniversityEditorial Board Member
Name: Zenke, Martin
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: RWTH Aachen University
Department: Department of Cell Biology
Subject Categories: Developmental Biology, Gene Regulation, Immunology
Expertise Terms: basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor (bHLH), ChIP-sequencing (ChIP-seq), chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChiP), chromatin modification, chromatin regulation, chromatin remodeling, dendritic cell, E2-2 transcription factor, E2A transcription factor, embryonic stem cell, gene regulation, gene transcription, hematopoiesis, hematopoietic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS cell) (iPSC), interferon regulatory factor (IRF), IRF8 transcription factor, Langerhans cell, pluripotency, PU.1 transcription factor, STAT transcription factor, transcription enhancer, transcription regulation