Expertise Term: Cholesterol 7-alpha hydroxylase
Dawson, PaulEmory University School of MedicineAssociate Editor
Name: Dawson, Paul
Role: Associate Editor
Institution: Emory University School of Medicine
Department: Department of Pediatrics
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: Bile, Bile acids and salts/Biosynthesis, Bile acids and salts/Metabolism, Bile acids and salts/Physical chemistry, Cholesterol 7-alpha hydroxylase, Cholesterol/Absorption, Cholesterol/Biosynthesis, Gallstones, Intestine, Nuclear receptors/FXR, Oxysterols, Transport
Camejo, GermanNoneEditorial Board Member
Name: Camejo, German
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: None
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: ABCA1, Adipocytes, Apolipoproteins, Arteries, Atherosclerosis, Cholesterol 7-alpha hydroxylase, Cholesterol/Absorption, Cholesterol/Metabolism, Endocrine disorders, Endothelial cells, Epidemiology, Extracellular matrix, Fatty acid, Fatty acid/Biosynthesis, Fatty acid/Metabolism, HDL, HDL/Metabolism, HDL/Structure, Hormones, Inflammation, Insulin, Insulin resistance, Insulin signaling, Kinases/Lipid, LDL, LDL/Assembly, LDL/Metabolism, Lipase, Lipoproteins, Lipoproteins/Assembly, Lipoproteins/Metabolism, Lipoproteins/Receptors, Liver, Lysophospholipid, Macrophages / monocytes, Membranes, Methods/HPLC, Nuclear receptors, Nuclear receptors/Lipid ligands, Nuclear receptors/LXR, Nuclear receptors/PPAR, Nuclear receptors/RXR, Nuclear receptors/SREBP, Nutrition, Obesity, PAF acetyl hydrolase, Phospholipases, Phospholipases/A2, Phospholipids, PPARs, Proteoglycans, Receptors, Receptors/Lipoprotein, Receptors/Nuclear, Receptors/Tyrosine kinases, Scavenger receptors, Signal transduction, Sphingolipids, Triglycerides, Vascular biology