Expertise Term: Transport
Dawson, PaulEmory University School of MedicineAssociate Editor
Name: Dawson, Paul
Role: Associate Editor
Institution: Emory University School of Medicine
Department: Department of Pediatrics
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: Bile, Bile acids and salts/Biosynthesis, Bile acids and salts/Metabolism, Bile acids and salts/Physical chemistry, Cholesterol 7-alpha hydroxylase, Cholesterol/Absorption, Cholesterol/Biosynthesis, Gallstones, Intestine, Nuclear receptors/FXR, Oxysterols, Transport
Repa, JoyceUT Southwestern Medical CenterEditorial Board Member
Name: Repa, Joyce
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: UT Southwestern Medical Center
Department: Departments of Physiology and Internal Medicine
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: ABCA1, ACAT, Bile acids and salts/Metabolism, Cholesterol, Cytochrome P450, Diabetes, Diet and dietary lipids, Dyslipidemias, Fatty acid/Biosynthesis, Fatty acid/Metabolism, Fibric acids, Foam cells, Gene expression, HDL/Metabolism, Hormones/Steroid, Insulin, Insulin resistance, Intestine, Lipid transfer proteins, Liver, Macrophages / monocytes, mRNA, Niemann-Pick disease, Nuclear receptors/FXR, Nuclear receptors/Lipid ligands, Nuclear receptors/LXR, Nuclear receptors/PPAR, Nuclear receptors/PXR, Nuclear receptors/RXR, Nuclear receptors/SREBP, Oxysterols, Pancreas, Phytosterols, PPARs, Receptors/Hormone, Receptors/Nuclear, Retinoids, Steroid hormones, Sterols, Transcription, Transport, Triglycerides, Vitamin A