Expertise Term: neuroendocrinology
Shipston, MichaelThe University of EdinburghAssociate Editor
Name: Shipston, Michael
Role: Associate Editor
Institution: The University of Edinburgh
Department: Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: ion channel, membrane transport, neuroendocrinology, patch clamp, physiology, pituitary gland, post-translational modification (PTM), potassium channel, protein acylation, protein palmitoylation
Sørensen, JakobUniversity of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.Editorial Board Member
Name: Sørensen, Jakob
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.
Department: Department of Neuroscience
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: botulinum toxin, cell biology, computational biology, electrophysiology, exocytosis, mathematical modeling, membrane fusion, membrane recycling, membrane trafficking, neurobiology, neuroendocrinology, neurotransmitter, neurotransmitter release, SNARE proteins, synapse, synaptic plasticity, synaptotagmin, vesicles