Expertise Term: Targeted therapies
Kuster, BernhardTechnical University of MunichAssociate Editor
Name: Kuster, Bernhard
Role: Associate Editor
Institution: Technical University of Munich
Department: Department for Biosciences
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: Chemical biology, Mass Spectrometry, Phosphoproteome, Post-translational modifications, Protein kinases, Quantification, Signal Transduction, SILAC, Targeted therapies
Satpathy, ShankhaBroad Institute of MIT and HarvardEditorial Board Member
Name: Satpathy, Shankha
Role: Editorial Board Member
Institution: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Subject Categories:
Expertise Terms: Cancer Biology, Cancer biomarker(s), Mass Spectrometry, Molecular biology, Peptides, Phosphoproteins, Phosphoproteome, Post-translational modifications, Targeted therapies, Ubiquitin